Becoming A Member of The Butte Vigilante Rodeo Grounds & Saddle Club

We are a non-profit privately owned group, so the club relies on its members to help operate throughout the year. We typically have about 5 events a year and a few work parties to help keep the grounds well maintained. There is always a chairperson from the committee on site at all times, and the grounds are available 24/7.
Membership Dues: $210.00 Yearly
Corral: $190.00 Yearly (Corrals have a 30 x 30 run, a 15 x 15 covered feeding area and a 15 x 15 secured area for tack and hay storage. All steel construction.)
Corral Deposit: $100.00 (one time only). Your corral deposit is refundable upon inspection at such a time you wish to leave the club. Corral must be clean and in good repair.
Electricity: $100 ($25 per month for the 4 months December thru March where it is required to have a tank heater in place.)
Joining Fee: $50.00 (one time only).
Family Membership: Includes immediate family living at home i.e. Mom, Dad, and child/children. Anyone over the age of 18 years must acquire their own membership unless they are living at home while attending college.
Senior Membership (One-person only): $185 yearly (all other rates above apply).
Working Member: You agree to work as many of our functions and work parties as possible and attend one meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Both Family and Senior memberships get the rates quoted above. You will also have the privilege of being able to vote (one vote per family) for issues within the club.
Non-Working Member: You need not attend any functions or meetings, however you will have a monthly corral rate at a higher cost than a working member. Both Family and Senior memberships get the rates quoted above, however; you will pay $85 a month for your corral space. You will have no voting privileges.
Benefits of Club Membership include use of the arena, round-pen, turn out (day hours only) pasture and parking area for your trailer. We also have a veterinary clinic in the spring as a convenience for our members so they don’t have to transport their horses out. If you prefer to use your own vet, rather than the veterinarian that comes for the clinic we can make other arrangements. You also have the ability to ride right out of our front gate and onto the mountain trails within minutes, without having to trailer your horses.
For more information about membership at the Butte Vigilante Rodeo Grounds & Saddle Club, please contact us or call us directly at 406-494-6700.

Corral payments