Boarding & Traveling

Boarding & Traveling Animals

Boarding for traveling horses and their families has never been easier.

  • Covered stall with 30 x 30 run and a 15 x 15 area to get out of the weather.
  • All steel and metal construction with water and electricity at each corral.
  • You can camp-out with your horse/horses or we can offer motels that have special rates for our guests. Restroom with full-size shower and pop machine for your convenience.
  • Open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. (Calling ahead is appreciated, but drop-ins are always welcome.)

We usually have plenty of room in the corrals mentioned above. We do have several uncovered or out-corrals available at all times.


  • $20.00 per head for covered stalls
  • $10.00 per head for open air stalls
  • $10.00 for electric if you wish to plug in

We have great views and you can stay on to ride in our beautiful Highland Mountains! For more information please contact us or call us directly at 406-494-6700.